¡Muuchoo por contarte!

So much for telling you!

Hello, hello!

In this month that is almost over, several things happened, a lot of movement and changes that we will soon be telling you about, it was also a month in which we celebrated national holidays, which led me to think about all those incredible little people who visit us in the store and who come from different parts of the world... how they smile when we tell them that everything we host is 100% local, made in Mexico and with a lot of love.

What led me to the second thought, and that is that being home to projects grown here is also a way to honor and celebrate what grows in this geographical part of the earth that we inhabit, not only this month but daily, because in order for germinate and today they can continue to be harvested, they required a lot of care and attention before...

That's why today I want to tell you a little about what's behind some projects that have been with us for several years:

Forest Remedies:

Throughout its history, María Violante, together with her team, has regenerated more than 5 hectares of crops with regenerative agriculture methods. Everything you put on your Remedios del Bosque skin is from plants grown in the Sierra Sur, on the Costa Chica of Oaxaca and in Huasca de Ocampo, Hidalgo.

And they have always been very clear about the relationship they want to have with the land. For this reason, they are aware of its importance, "so in addition to protecting more than 70 hectares, those they use for the cultivation of their raw materials are worked with love and respect, materialized in techniques focused on returning the minerals necessary to restore their microbiota, since the reproduction of soil microorganisms is essential for its recovery, this is how they have managed to maintain a fertile soil and allowing the natural cycle of the earth to continue."

Kakoa Chocos:

The most important thing about these chocolates is the selection of the cocoa that is used to handcraft each chocolate, and of course the hands of those who harvest it with such dedication, as it comes from small communities in Tabasco and Chiapas.

“One of the main cocoa producers in Kakoa is Rafael. His farm, “Hacienda Napaná”, is in Pichucalco, Chiapas. This farm has belonged to his family for 30 years when his grandfather bought it, however, cocoa has been planted on that land since 1854.

In addition to cocoa, pineapple, mamey, banana, cassava, chayote among other fruits and vegetables are planted that help to fertilize and fix nitrogen in the soil, as well as to provide shade for the cocoa trees. This and the rains directly affect the flavor of cocoa, which is why in the rainy season, we can distinguish fruity notes, and in the dry season, notes of dried fruits such as almonds.”

Venus flower:

This project, which, wow, smells delicious with every candle it creates, which I'm sure you've already taken home and know what we're talking about, began in a small kitchen in Monterrey, always using soy wax and a combination of oils for its delicious aromas. natural essentials and aromatic fragrances, with a super clear intention: “transport people to specific places or create surreal environments through aromas.” And why are they aromatic? In the words of its co-founder Laura Carretonera:

“I like to think about that power of aroma, which if it weren't normal and everyday, I would think it was even supernatural. How do we explain the power of knowing that it is going to rain just by smelling wet earth before the drops fall, or when we know that your neighbor is cooking something delicious without even wanting to see it? The smell of cut grass in the distance. If you ask me, it's pure magic."

And in case you didn't know, on their website you can find the properties of each candle and what type of rituals they can be used for.

We hope you liked these little stories behind each project made in Mexico. And of course, we are waiting for you at AlyRo to continue supporting everything that grows in this little land.