Después de un eterno enero... amor

After an eternal January... love



After an eternal January, now we can calmly talk about catching a flight this year.


What things are you grateful for today? How does your heart feel?

Speaking of hearts... this month is characterized by being the month of love and although I know that you know and we know that love is celebrated and done daily, I also feel that it is nice to have a month with a special date to dedicate to that.

And although I don't love the idea of ​​selling and buying things for this day specifically, just because, I like to think about the loves we have and celebrate with great strength the capacity we have within us to feel and experience love.

I find the idea that we can feel it with many things in the same day fascinating. I don't feel that love is just a feeling. I believe that love is a posture, a decision, an affirmation, an action and a way of living.

Also, lately there has been talk about the love we feel for ourselves and how important it is. The much heard self-love. Self-care. Obviously if you know our space, at AlyRo, you know that we are fans of all that. We move and govern by self-love. We are passionate and intense about it. But, we are also aware that it is not an easy task. We experience it daily ourselves...

It's not like in the movies where you see the protagonist jump into a tub full of roses to eat a chocolate and light a candle when she leaves. That it's not as easy as suddenly loving every aspect of yourself. Self-love has many corners and holes. It's complex, complex. It is deep, non-linear, deceptive, complicated and very beautiful. It has many little pieces of darkness to discover and many corners to unlearn.

Furthermore, for a long time we have heard that in order for you to receive real and beautiful love... you must first love yourself. That if you want someone to love you, you must first love yourself. I think it's time to start unlearning that from there. Because its not true. Self-love does not have a clock, it does not know time or condition. It also has no validity or expiration. It is not something that is mastered forever, it is something that, like the waves of the sea, comes and goes.

The mere fact of being born and being a human, a person, makes you deserving of love; the deep one, the honest one, the real one, the committed one, the beautiful one. You were born with the ability to feel it and therefore with the right to receive it.

It may be difficult for you to forgive yourself for some things, it may be difficult to love what you were told you should hate about yourself. It can be hard to like someone when someone left you by choice. A few days ago or months ago, even years ago.

You may be in the process of loving what bothers you most about yourself and you may not have learned everything you are going to learn in life, but in the meantime, today and right now, you already deserve to be loved, loved and loved. find love. Not only with someone, but also everywhere and in many situations.

You don't need to be determined to be walking in the territory of love.

We leave you here some proposals for three or five gift things to enjoy doing and living in love... with yourself, with someone, with friends, loves, friendships, to celebrate in your own way the incredible capacity to feel, give and receive love .

Proposalto sweeten:

Proposalto surprise:

Proposal for a Sexy Time

Proposal to cuddle with something warm:

And to give you more ideas, here we have our favs for gifts that you can put together yourself here.