Our history

I'm Sofia, I'm a plant-based cook. I am a writer and I like to tell stories around food and the table.

I have a platform for plant-based cooking courses and I share recipes for those looking to make new recipes with old stories.
I am the creator of Artichoke and Rosemary, which today is home to creations made in Mexico.
We have always wanted and sought for our selection of products and ideas to be respectful of animals, people and the environment.
And our goal is that here in this space, you always find care and comfort.

I choose each of the projects in detail. Looking for them to work and to be made with intention and care.
Every product we have is amazing.

We are the local eco store with Mexican charm. We are a growing community of people interested in doing things differently. We are inspired by the stories behind each brand that is part of us and we present them with great responsibility to those who decide to search for something with us. We make them our family.

Artichoke and Rosemary is an extension of me. Here I put all my interest and dedication. It is a dream that I had and that exists today, to create a place that offers a solution to those who seek peace in their decisions.

Artichoke and Romero is a team of almost pure women, all with our stories and passions. All connected in essence. Thank you for being part, now, I present to you my team that makes everything possible and that grows every day.


This is Tania Barbará, musician, the best and most talented audio engineer. He is also my right hand here at Alcachofa y Romero.

She knows everything from everywhere and every corner of our space. Next to Tania, her partner Filipa, I call her Fili and she comes to visit sometimes. He has the strongest and heaviest tail that he moves from side to side when he is happy and greets people.


This is Milena. Producer, writer and content creator. Colombian and arepa lover. He laughs loudly and sticks until he resolves.

He has a dog named Honey. She is the nerdiest on the team. He knows everything when it comes to codes on the web. Thanks to her we have this virtual space that connects us to all places in Mexico. She is organized and loves Google Sheets with its infinite possibilities.


This is Isabel. She is a digital creator and creator of Salsa Digital. She is neat, organized, creative and very picky to choose and make things look pretty. She runs our Instagram account and has been with me from the beginning.

I remember seeing her before she worked with me on an event. Moving up and down and arranging everything and I said; “I want Isa to work with me on my team,” and some time later we agreed. I think I expressed it. The crazy thing is that we work from a distance and although it feels like he's always around, we've only seen each other a couple of times.


This is Laurencia. She works on large productions, sometimes in the art area, sometimes in the photo area. And just like that, she is the one who takes our photos. It works magic in small spaces. She is patient, pretty and calm. It's like it gives peace to see her work and that transmits it to others.


She is the mother of a very cool and talkative boy. He loves music to concentrate. He is very patient and explains everything in great detail. If you have any questions, she has the answer with a step forward. She anticipates, resolves and is always ready very calmly. That's why he is the head of the sales part. Motivates the entire team to improve and detect errors to work on them.


Be careful when you come because he talks up a storm.
Whatever he talks to you about, it always has an interesting or funny story.
He has a heart that is full of light and infects everyone with his good humor.

He says he doesn't like the photos, but just look how cool it looks. His attitude is as big as his hair.


Eri is gorgeous.
She is always ready to help and always has a nice comment to make.
She is our customers' best cheerleader when trying on jewelry or clothing.
He carries a smile that always exudes tranquility.
When something gets stuck, Eri says, “Sure. You work, you solve it”

In addition to collaborating with us, she studies political science and public administration.