La carta de Abril

April's letter

-About embracing changes...

Aaaaand, the seasons change. I am impressed by how different each one is and the changes that can be noticed around them.

The tree in front of my house has these bright red balls when we arrive in mid-spring. The little birds love them. They stop on a branch and after managing to balance for a while, they bite them to eat some at once and then they save others and take them safely to their nests.

Change is the only sure thing in this life. And I think it's also one of those things that sometimes we have a hard time accepting. In recent years I have learned that my body also has the right to change. All of me, my personality, my tastes, my beliefs, my friendships, my priorities. I have the right to evolve and change. Seeing myself in the mirror and recognizing that I look different because I changed and that that is not bad, it is a spectacle.

Also, we don't always need the same thing, there are stages for everything and my skin and my hair teach me that. The other day I was in my daily routine looking at and feeling my skin and I said a very learned comment to myself: “My skin is stiff,” in a tone of contempt or disapproval. Before, I would have left it there, and I would have continued the day wanting to cover those “imperfections” and feel decent enough in terms of beauty standards to continue with my day.

But this time I stopped. I took a deep breath and thought: I think my skin is trying to tell me that I need different things. We just changed the season, it's very hot, very sunny, the pollution has been at its peak, and if I'm honest, I haven't drunk as much water in the last few days because I've been busy. I also haven't eaten as many green vegetables that I like. From one moment to the next I felt like I was talking to my body and listening to it, above all.

That day I probably changed the sleeper I had been wearing all winter and chose one for summer. Also that day I put an extra cream at night and massaged my skin while drinking water. The next day I bought radishes at a good price at the market because they are in season, loaded with water, fiber and minerals. That day I recognized the changes and flowed with them. That day was a tough one and that's it, but that moment of listening and accepting the change that was trying to teach me something, ended up teaching me a lesson.

Lately I embrace changes, not just those of the season. And that's why I thought I'd share some of our favorite serums and toners for dry or dehydrated skin:

Facial massage serum. I have been using it DAILY in the mornings after washing my face. It is absorbed deliciously and is ideal for massages with guasha or with your hands. It has basic but key ingredients for hydration. It is for all types of skin.

Elixir at night. This one, the skin takes it literally. I love that it is for the night because it absorbs it completely and in the morning the skin wakes up soft. It also has jojoba oil.

Facial tonic. One of my favorites and I even carry it in my bag so I can throw it in the middle of the day. It has geranium and orchid extract. Although it is a toner, it feels instantly hydrating. It can also be used as a makeup sealer.

These are some of our favorite creams to deeply hydrate the face:

Hyaluronic acid cream , it is gentle on the skin and super moisturizing. It also helps the elasticity of the skin and for this reason I highly recommend it for mature skin.

Day cream. It is made from aloe and avocado and is ideal for those who need a thicker cream. With a small amount you cover the entire face

Day and night cream. The favorite for men. What I like is that it has calendula that helps regenerate the skin. It also has UV ray protection.

These are some of our oils and creams to massage the body and leave it soft:

Cotton cloud , the name says it all. It is a little cloud in texture. It is a body butter with vitamin E and lavender that you can put all over your body.

Toning Oil , To massage the body and leave the skin active and awake. It absorbs perfectly like a cream and relaxes instantly.

Fire cream . One of everyone's favorites. This cream makes you want to swim in it. It moisturizes and feels fresh because it has a light mint aroma. You touch your skin during the day and it feels soft and smooth.

And to say goodbye, I would like to invite you to share with me what other changes you embrace in the comments…

Happy and refreshing spring, see you in the next Blog Letter!