¿Porqué empezó Alcachofa y Romero?

Why did you start Artichoke and Rosemary?

4 years ago I felt that there were no options so close at hand, of well-made Mexican products in one place.
I had to go to a bazaar or the occasional pop up.

I started using natural products for myself, because I was tired of going to the supermarket and buying things for my face or my body, which had endless strange ingredients, fragrances and chemicals. It didn't make sense to me.
On top of everything, it didn't make sense to me to buy a deodorant every 2 months and have to throw a plastic packaging in the trash. A packaging that was never going to be undone. At least not in the near future, nor in the future of my nephews' grandchildren's grandchildren.

I started looking for products that were kind to my body.
I was discovering small brands with really good products.
I found deodorants, soaps, makeup... It was little but I immersed myself in the search and every time I found something incredible I thought: "Everyone should know this."

And one day, walking around, I found this little piece of space that we have today and I felt something.
As if I had seen things happen in front of my eyes. I felt like I could achieve something.

We opened with about 5 brands and the few products that existed.
I have seen the evolution of each one of them and the new projects that come out, wanting to be the alternative and go against the current.
I have discovered projects that make you fall in love from start to finish.
It has not been easy. And also, responsibility has grown. We have remained steadfast with the projects we want to offer in our space.
I firmly believe that a product that claims to be ecological comes and is born from a brand that is committed to taking care of the waste it generates and the impact it has on the environment.

It has not been easy because sometimes what sells the most or what is most sought after is not necessarily the best option but we have remained steadfast in offering what truly represents us. Here it goes.

1. That it is vegan and cruelty-free, because we believe that it is not necessary to use the lives of animals in any way for our benefit, much less for cosmetic products.

2. Let it be natural, yes, but with respect for the plants too. Our providers studied herbology mycology or medicine. They make the products with care and respect for the times in the plant and in the soil.

3. They work. They bring a benefit to those who use them. Because it's no use for something to be ecological and natural if it doesn't work well.
And above all, that what they promise to be, they are.

4.They have some type of commitment to the waste that is generated. They have a program for packaging returns, refills, refuse or recycling.

5. They have an intention behind it. They are made with love, they treat the people involved fairly and ethically. They are projects that promote teamwork, community and local.

It sounds cheesy but, that's what made artichoke and rosemary move. Not the location of the store, not my Instagram followers, not the fashion.
If not, choose to stick with it rather than actually do things differently.
Thank you for joining us.

With love, Artichoke.