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Mono de Fuego

Candles - Fire Monkey

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These candles are inspired by nature, adventure and the unknown. And we have several aromas, choose the one you like the most.

Ginger + Bergamot: A deliciousness, with notes of fresh ginger and energy from bergamot.

Lavender + Orange Blossom: We love this candle, it smells like a summer night, moonlight and citrus. A walk between orange flowers and lavender fields.

Wild Blueberries: A sweet aroma, freshly picked blueberries. With notes of red fruits and homemade jam.

Dill + Cucumber: An aromatic infusion of dill and the refreshing sensation of cucumber.

Tangerine + Sea Salt: This candle smells like freshly cut tangerines and a sea breeze.

White Grapefruit + Bamboo: This candle smells like summer. Citrus softness of grapefruit and the subtle outdoor aroma of bamboo under the sun.

Coconut + Pacific Fruits: This candle smells like vacations, days at the beach, fruits and sun. With aroma of coconut, orange and fruits. Pure freshness.

Sweet Fig: Perfect for a cold afternoon, with sweet notes of brown sugar and figs.

Gardenias: This one smells like tropical flowers and a light touch of jasmine. Aromas that make you fall in love and perfume the day with fresh gardenias.

Native woods + Patchouli: Intense notes of smoky woods and patchouli.