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Alcachofa y Romero

Solid shampoos - Bel WOCH

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Lavender: This shampoo provides calm and tranquility, ideal for use on small children over 2 years old or on moms to avoid hair loss during pregnancy.

Rosemary strengthens the hair fiber, helping your hair grow without breaking, regulates the production of bait, gives it shine and luminosity and delays the appearance of gray hair.

This shampoo has a delicious bubblegum smell, it detangles hair with a natural anti-tear formula.

Curls: Helps your hair retain its natural hydration, defines your curls and nourishes your hair.

Rice: This shampoo will leave your hair divine. It is made to hydrate, repair, strengthen and promote growth. It will improve the elasticity of your hair and prevent breakage, split or dry ends. Control frizz.

Aloe Vera: Due to the large amount of vitamins in Aloe Vera and its moisturizing effect, it is delicious for the scalp, providing strength and natural shine. Suitable for the whole family.

Nourishing - For dry hair: Excellent for dry or damaged hair, enriched with argan and linseed oil that will hydrate your hair, nourishing it from the roots, restructuring the hair fiber and returning the shine, softness and elasticity it deserves.

Bergamot: Bergamot is a fruit that provides vitamins, deeply nourishing your scalp and increasing its circulation. Minoxidil is the only chemical proven to stop hair loss.

Deep Cleansing - Rosemary with mint: Smells delicious. Rosemary strengthens your roots, helping your hair grow, and also keeps it young by delaying the appearance of gray hair.

Jojoba: Promotes growth and controls oil production in your hair.