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Perfumes - Perfumérica

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Custom made perfumes to remember different people, places and moments.

HC1 Floral/Fruity: Fragrance inspired by the purity of crystal. It is a true gem, full of distinction and exclusivity.

HC2 Sweet/Oriental: This fragrance is a tribute to contemporary femininity. It is an oriental perfume that sublimes exceptional raw materials.

HC3 Woody/Cypre: A perfume that offers you a unique and distinguished aroma, offering you a perfect cologne, made exclusively for you. It smells amazing.

HC4 Woody/Aqua: This has a woody/aqua scent created with natural, handcrafted oils. We love him!⁠

HC5 Oud Wood: An exotic and majestic essence, made with one of the most precious ingredients, Oud wood. Unisex.

HC6 Sandalwood: Unisex. With the smell of sandalwood, a delicious and strong aroma, which is at the same time elegant and vigorous, sensual and mysterious.

HC7 Bergamot: This fragrance evokes a feeling of freshness and emotions as you immerse yourself in the Sea of ​​Cortez. An aroma composed of bergamot and citrus, also unisex.

HC8 Sea salt: A perfect combination of sage, citrus and sea salt. Unisex.

HC9 Fig: Its fragrance is super lively and energetic, with fresh fig and citrus and woody notes.

HC10 Amber / Floral: A special creation for unconventional people. You will be pleasantly surprised, a delicious, sweet, sexy, and at the same time elegant aroma. Due to its composition, its sillage and durability, it is ideal for special occasions, with guaranteed praise.

HC11 Incense: With a touch of elegance, this perfume is the ideal accessory for confident and visionary men and women. Few notes harmonize well with cedar and incense, as these do. A work of art in perfumery, with an oriental air.

HC12 Citrus / Amber: This unisex creation is a bath of sun and freshness that highlights the beauty of your personality, when you apply it to your skin or your clothes. Its notes appear like peaceful waves of the sea and you leave a trail of radiant aroma that eternalizes every moment of the day, from dawn to dusk.

HC13 Mediterraneo: It is a symphony of elegance and seduction that immerses you in a sea of ​​unforgettable and unique sensory experiences, leaving an indelible trail.