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Hiphugger Menstrual Panty - Noir

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$ 699.00
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$ 699.00

This panty It is the "must have" of the entire collection, It is essential to feel comfortable and pampered during any day of your period. Its delicate lace gives it a special touch.


❁ Designed for light-heavy flow, providing the protection you need at any time. It goes to the hip.

The lining is made of recycled lycra from PET, thus contributing to reducing waste and caring for the environment.

Everything that comes into contact with your skin is made of high-quality cotton, giving you a soft and comfortable feeling all day long.


*The rule of thumb for our Hiphugger is to buy one size larger than you normally wear in other underwear brands.

Size Numeric Size* Hip
XCH 2 89 - 93cm
CH 4 92 - 96cm
MED 6 97 - 100cm
GDE 8 101 - 104cm
XG 10 105 - 107cm
2XG 12 108 - 112cm
3XG 14 118 - 124cm
4XG 16 125 - 129cm