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Aromatic breezes - Lavandula

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These breezes are a blend of delicious essential oils. They contain witch hazel extract to tone and hydrate the skin. Spray 3 to 5 sprays on body, face, spaces, sheets and pillow. Inhale the aroma several times, breathing deeply.

Energy: for energy, vitality and concentration. Refresh the aroma of your office, home, bathroom and clothes.

Clean: to purify and energetically cleanse your body, home, office and spaces. Made with plants that were traditionally used to make clean energy.

Peace: to meditate and connect with the peace and stillness of your being. For the divine essence of your home, office and spaces.

Relax: for relaxation and tranquility. For your body, home, office and spaces.

Heart: for joy, love and harmony. To open the heart and trust.