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Aromas Spray - Boea

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Made with 100% pure essential oils. You can use them on your bed, body, in the car, on textiles, on your yoga mat, in the bathroom. Wherever you want!

Lavender - Rosemary: Raise your consciousness. It stimulates mental clarity and helps you relax and fall asleep.

Eucalyptus - Rosemary - Mint: Connect with your interior. Clears respiratory tracts, purifies the air and helps with headaches.

Bergamot - Orange - Lavender: Awaken your positive energy. Perfect for maintaining emotional balance and for those days under stress.

Sandalwood - Patchouli - Cedar: Boost your creativity. It stimulates mental clarity, promotes emotional balance and helps you increase your vital energy.

Lavender - Mint: Revitalizes your body and mind. It stimulates mental clarity and helps you fall asleep deeply while purifying the environment.