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Mini Adaptogens - Commons

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Adaptogenic fungi are adaptive plants, this means that they adapt to their environment and are rich in benefits. These bottles contain only the pure powder of the plant and by taking it with a drink, we receive those adaptive molecules that help us regulate our body, from the stress hormone to the nervous system. Each mushroom will help you with something different and works amazingly as an alternative to coffee. They are 100% Mexican and 100% organic. Choose yours.

*This product is not a medicine. Its use is the responsibility of the person who consumes it and recommends it.

Schisandra: Berry with a strong antioxidant effect against liver damage, anti-inflammatory, powerful detoxifier, reduces stress, tonic for the skin and is the best support for premenopause and menopause. Contains 50 g.

Reishi Mushroom: Promotes deep sleep and reduces insomnia, lowers stress and strengthens the immune system, it is a powerful repairer of the respiratory system, anti-aging and antioxidant in addition to being a spiritual mushroom. Contains 40 g.

Rhodiola Rosea: Natural stimulant, reduces stress and fatigue, increases physical and mental performance and performance, helps hormonal balance, helps symptoms of depression and anxiety. Contains 50 g.

Ashwagandha: Cope with stress, supports insomnia, symptoms of anxiety and depression, rejuvenates, lowers blood pressure, strengthens the immune system, supports physical resistance, is an incredible ally for new mothers, powerful aphrodisiac and excellent supporting hormonal, menopause and cyst issues. Contains 45 g.

Turkey tail: Protects against oxidative stress, improves intestinal health (prebiotics), strengthens the immune system, powerful antiviral, supports people undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Contains 40 g.

Cordyceps: Oxygenates the body, supports muscle repair, increases physical resistance, improves respiratory function, improves fertility, strengthens the immune system and is a powerful cardiotonic. Contains 50 g.

Mucuna: It is well known for its range of toning and strengthening properties. The high levels of L-DOPA in Mucuna Pruriens help reduce stress, reduce anxiety, improve concentration, increase libido and improve mood. Contains 50 g.

Lion's mane: Whether you're looking for ways to boost your work day, improve your focus on those days when you can't remember where you put your car keys, lion's mane mushroom prevents brain fog, promotes alertness and a positive attitude, increases mood, and awakens creativity and mental clarity, there are countless ways in which you can incorporate this powerful functional mushroom into your daily routine. Contains 50 g.

Sun Mushroom: It is well known for its ability to stimulate the immune system. Also
stimulates the digestive system, which contains the digestive enzymes amylase, trypsin, maltase and protease. These enzymes help the body break down proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Contains 60 g.

Chaga mushroom: It is known for its role in activating the immune system and reducing blood sugar in people who have abnormal blood sugar spikes. It is also anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anti-aging and helps normalize cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Contains 50 g.