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Aromatic oils - Lavandula

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We love this super practical roll-on presentation so you can take them everywhere with you.

How to use: Apply to wrists or under the nose and inhale 5 to 10 times. Apply to temples, neck, back, hands or feet and massage.

Good night: Exquisite mix of floral aromas to use before bed and on long flights.

Good morning: Mixture of citrus and spicy aromas to use when waking up, studying and working.

Cal.Mind: Exquisite mix of refreshing aromas to use when there is a headache or mental tension.

Relax: Floral and herbal aromas to use when meditating, doing yoga and taking a relaxing break.

Breathe: Mixture of herbal and menthol aromas to use when you are congested and during a cold.