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Soul Rise

Tea Tree Essential Oil - Soul Rise

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100% natural oil obtained from the purest concentration of organic tea tree.

It has immunological, anti-infective and antiseptic properties. Antiviral and antibacterial. Balsamic. Expectorant, parasiticide and fungicide.

It helps in the treatment of candida and treats thrush and herpes. Fight acne. Stimulates the scalp.

Excellent co-helper in respiratory tract, throat infections and all types of mycoses.

Also recommended for skin conditions, warts and age spots. Relieves insect bites.

Recommended uses:
To disinfect, apply 3 times a day to the area to be treated. Topical uses, in case of bites or sunburns.

Mix a few drops with the shampoo for oily or dry hair, sensitive scalp and dandruff.

Sitz baths for gynecological infections (mix 5 to 10 drops in 8 to 10 cm of warm water) Consult your doctor.

Mix 20 drops in a sprayer with 500ml of water to clean bathrooms and kitchens.

Mix a few drops with oil or creams to treat skin irritations.

In ambient diffusers it is recommended to use 2 to 3 drops depending on the size of the room.

It is recommended not to use directly on the skin. Use a fractionated or conductive oil. You can also mix it with regular body creams.