On behalf of the team, thank you for being interested in having your project in our house.

We are honored and we take it with great responsibility and respect for your work.
We have 4 years of history and a very nice and faithful community.

I am Sofía, creator of Artichoke and Romero.
Before continuing and explaining the process, please consider the following to know if your product applies and is compatible with our space.

We only have products and projects with the following characteristics:

  • Mexicans and locals.
  • With natural and biodegradable ingredients or materials.
  • With responsible packaging in some way. It can be with a return system, with less packaging, with cardboard or compostable packaging, with recyclable packaging that you collect and recycle, with packaging that you collect and refill or reuse. It can be any or all of the above. We have collection programs to facilitate this.
  • 100% vegan. This means that there are no materials or ingredients that come from an animal. We do not accept products with honey or bee pollen, anything with wool, nothing with skin, nothing with silk, and any type of animal collagen. No insects either.
  • 100% cruelty free.
  • Fair trade.
  • 100% Functional.

Among other criteria that we consider in detail, such as colors and functionality.

If you want your brand or project to be with us, we will need to test it in some way first, so we recommend sending some proof to our store.

This is our shipping address:

Artichoke and Rosemary
Amsterdam 244 local C
On Michoacán street
CP 06100
Col. Hipódromo Condesa

After you send it, please send an email to holaalcachofayromero@gmail.com with this in the subject: Product delivery in store _______________ (the name of your brand).
In the email please add catalog, project or product information, prices with VAT and margin that you manage with distributors.

After receiving this information and your products, the following will happen:

-If it catches our attention, I will try and use the products. This is the only way to really know your brand. See its duration, understand the functionality and receive the benefits. Whether it is a garment or accessory or skin product. For the same reason, whatever your product is, what you leave stays with us and will not be returned to you, regardless of the decision we make in the end, about whether or not to include them in our project.

If we like the product and consider adding it, it will take approx. 2 to 3 weeks to contact you. This to have a good trial period.

If you don't hear back from us after a month, probably for some reason we still can't consider your product to be in our store at least for the moment. But we will save your information.

All these requirements are to be much more serious about your project and give it the place it deserves.

Thank you SO MUCH for believing in us.

Talk to you later.

Sofia, Alcachoffa.