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María Cacao

Celestial Cacao 50gr - María Cacao

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100% pure Ceremonial Grade cocoa. From plantation in Comalcalco, Tabasco, Mexico.

Celestial Grade Cocoa is that which has not been subjected to any industrial process, preserving its natural properties intact.

Millennial cultures from all latitudes have considered Cocoa as a "Medicine of the Heart", since it contains ingredients that activate the ability to feel and generate well-being. These ingredients act directly on the body, making you feel peace, joy, clarity, open consciousness and fullness.

Physically, Cocoa increases blood circulation in the body and strengthens the structure of the circulatory system. In addition, its anti-inflammatory properties protect the heart.

How to Use:

1. The piece contains 50g, I recommend using 20-30g if this is your first time drinking cocoa, if you already have experience use 50g.

2. In a pot, heat a cup of water, add María Cacao piece and place in a blender or immersion blender. (As it is 100% Cocoa, it does not dissolve completely and when blended you obtain a silky consistency)

3. Add agave honey to taste .

4. Serve in your favorite cup. Perform your ceremony.

STORAGE RECOMMENDATIONS: Store at a temperature below 20C. Store in the refrigerator if the environment is at a higher temperature. It has no expiration date.